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Corzine likely has a quite a week of positive news coverage ahead of him. On Monday Joe Biden is here ( again ). Tuesday it is former President Bill Clinton. And Wednesday it is the actual President – Barack Obama. it’s an understatement to say New Jerseyans have heard of these people. And in a blue-leaning state it probably helps the Guv.

So here is my question. Where are the Republican stars? Where is Colin Powell who still commands enormous respect from people on both sides of the aisle. And the million dollar question…where has Christie Whitman been?

Granted, Whitman’s tenure at the EPA and her subsequent testimony before congress about the air quality at ground zero probably left a bad taste in some New Jerseyans mouths. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have been effective with some targeted campaigning. After all, Whitman was the last NJ Republican to win back to back terms in statewide elections.

Officially, Mike Duhaime, Christie’s top strategist says they “aren’t going to play that game.” This election is not about “celebrity endorsements,” and the more the election comes down to the choice between Christie and Corzine the better it is for Christie. So while Corzine is parachuting in the stars, Christie will be keeping it real with kitchen table talks involving real people like he is doing Monday.

But wouldn’t Whitman have been just a little helpful to boost numbers among women? Could she have been used to let women know, for example, that Christie is not trying to take away mammograms???

One Republican tells me that Whitman’s numbers are terrible. She is not well liked here. The exception being single women between the ages of 25 – 44. So why not use her there?

Another Republican told me that there is still a rift between Christie backer Bill Palatucci and the Whitman camp dating back to the ’93 primary when Palatucci worked for Cary Edwards. not sure of the details, but I was told that Whitman herself may not hold a grudge but her husband John still does.

Whatever the reason, it’s hard to make the argument that Christie isn’t playing the star game a little. After all, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is headlining a fundraiser for Christie Monday night. And throughout the campaign both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney have been here for the Republican.

I can certainly understand the Christie campaign not wanting to cozy up with Bush and Cheney. But let’s be honest, everybody likes a star to shine for them every now and again.

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