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I feel like the phrase “pushback” is one that the the Governor has been invoking quite a bit lately. I’ve even heard the term creep into the parlance of those around him.

Well, today I got a bit of it.

Mostly off-the-record and anonymously of course…but for the rest of this post when I say “they” as in “they say” I am referring to Corzine campaign insiders.

Anyhoo…they claim there is no major shake-up. Key players like Maggie Moran are staying put. The difference now is that with the addition of Billy Maer and Jamie Fox there are simply “more voices at the table.”

Up until now, they say, the campaign staff has been rather lean and it’s only natural to expand that base. Jamie will be doing strategy and Bill will be doing outreach- making sure key Democratic activists are listened to and more importantly feel like they are being listened to.

There is a general admission that they’d “like to be doing better.” After all, even the best polls show a nearly double digit deficit for the Guv. But overall they are simply looking to add new muscle, not perform invasive surgery.

As for criticism that running contant attack ads against Christie hasn’t worked…they disagree. Any “softness” for Christie among Democrats has vanished, and the Republican’s negatives have risen 20%.


Of course people not associated with the campaign, including but not limited to other Democrats say “nonsense.” They say the change can only mean that Corzine was smart enough to know that things weren’t working, and that it will be different from here forward. We’ll see.

BTW – have you noticed what Christie has been saying about all this??? Oh, That’s right: nothing. I suppose you Can’t blame him for that.

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OK, so here is what happened…

Friday, Corzine Campaign Manager Maggie Moran is set to be on the NJN public affairs program On The Record which was to be hosted by yours truly, substituting for Michael Aron.

That morning, Moran cancels…leading us to speculate why.

There had already been a report that veteran Democratic insider Jamie Fox had been asked to join the campaign. Could that mean that Moran is out if Fox is in?

Campaign spokesman Sean Darcy calls me before the OTR taping ( the campaign gave us Democratic State Committee Executive Director Rob Angelo in Moran’s stead ) to say that Fox would not be joining Corzine ’09.

After the 1/2 hour sit-down with Angelo ( who doesn’t deny that Fox is coming in ) we read on the AP Newswire that Fox is in fact joining the campaign.

hmmm. What were we to think? I can’t imagine the campaign would mislead us to avoid making news for OTR. So we asked for a clarification. We were told the AP story is wrong, but that Fox will be coming in as an unpaid adviser in a very limited capacity.

Well, today that all changed. I asked Corzine point blank is Fox is coming in, and he said ‘yes.’ Fox will be taking a much more “intimate role.” The Governor added that it took a few days to work that all out.

Coupla things here…first off, apparently these advisers are rarely paid, so even if Fox came in unpaid that doesn’t mean he is only taking a small role.

Second, it never makes sense to give mixed messages or ambivalent answers to reporters when they ask questions on stories like this one. Because without a definitive answer, it only leads to speculation on the airwaves and in print. And it turns what would have been a one-day story into a multi-day one.

From a press management perspective, Corzine did the right thing today by clarifiying Jamie’s newfound role in the campaign. Less clear is the fate of Moran who will remain in her title. But does that mean Jamie is the shotcaller from here on forward?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It’ll all come out eventually. It always does.

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