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OK, so Here’s the thing…

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy has not been charged with any crime. Nor was he arrested. However, Healy has confirmed that his name is in the complaint against three defendants arrested in that broad corruption sweep two weeks ago.

Jack Shaw, who has since died ( perhaps by his own hand ) and Leona Beldini were arrested for soliciting cash payments for Healy’s Mayoral re-election bid this past Spring. So, while Healy never took the money himself, federal authorities claim middlemen did it for him.

I asked Governor Corzine whether the public trust has been eroded enough so that Healy should resign. His answer was “no” since Healy has not been charged. Corzine has called on others who have been charged to step down.

But by that logic one might ask this: On the day of the arrests the home and offices of DCA Commissioner Joe Doria were raided. Doria was not charged, but Corzine forced him to quit anyway. Double standard? Guv says no. And in fairness, Doria is part of his cabinet, Mayor Healy is not.

But, it might fuel the flames for those who say the Governor is trying to have it both ways. Healy is considered a key piece of the Hudson machine that could deliver votes for Corzine in November. Democarts need a big plurality in Hudson to win statewide.

And of course we reported that story here last week…

Did Corruption Arrests Disrupt The Machine In Hudson?

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