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The conventional wisdom was that Chris Christie should at least get through this primary with his core image intact.

That image of course has been as a squeaky clean gun-slinger who’s gonna clean up this town. A job he began as U.S. Attorney.

But first, opponents went after him for his deferred prosecution agreements. And now, questions keep dogging him about John Inglesino ( who’s law firm was a recipient of one of those deferred prosecution agreements ).

Inglesino and Christie have been friends for 15 years. Inglesino is an unpaid adviser to the campaign, and a prolific fundraiser. This weekend, the Lonegan capaign called Inglesino Christie’s “leading fundraiser.”

Christie denied that today and many other rumours that he says have circulatred about him and his buddy ( including that they went to law school together ).

Here is the issue: Inglesino apparently did the minimal amount of work one needs to do in order the qualify for a state pension. He did that work for Republican State Senator Joe Pennacchio. But afer the kerfuffle this past weekend, Inglesino quit.

Christie has said he would end pensions for time workers, and has therefore been forced to answer questions about this uncomfortable situation more than once over the last few days. By the way, the issue first came to the surface last week when Democrats issued a  press release about it.

Christie told reporters on day one that they would try and smear him, I guess the question is does this count? And more importantly has it worked? Primary Election is tomorrow.

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