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Actually it is more of a separation than a divorce, but the top two environmentalists at the State House seem to be slightly at odds lately.

I am talking of course about Jeff Tittel and David Pringle. Normally these two can be seen standing together ( often literally ) on most environmental issues. But lately, a chilly wind blows between them.

It began back during the campaign when Pringle of the Environmental Federation endorsed Christie, and Tittel of the Sierra club endorsed Chris Daggett. Both had been quite vocal about opposing Corzine on the environment.

Well, as we know the spoils go to the victors. And while the Governor would deny that he has an enemies list, I think it is fair to say that he is more likely to work with and listen to you if you are in his favor. On day one, Christie signed eight executive orders. Tittel opposed numbers one through four claiming they gut core environmental and health protections. Pringle was silent.

In fact, Pringle served on the transition committee which urged a suspension of DEP regulations. And while he did not write the report, since Marcia Karrow did, he did not write any kind of dissent either.

Pringle counters that he can accomplish more by working with the Administration. For example, he was able to have language on some of those regs changed from “rescind” to “review” which sounds a lot less final.

So, will there be reconciliation? Probably. Families fight, and then they get over it and move on. Tittel seemed a bit miffed for example that Pringle wouldn’t immediately return his phone calls after the EO’s were issued.

And as a final note¬† in case you were wondering…yes, the title of the post comes from the Drew Barrymore vehicle from the 1980’s ( she was so cute it ET let’s build a whole movie around her! ). And even with a 2010 sensibility “Irreconcilable Differences” actually holds up…unlike say,¬† “Firestarter.”

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It’s on.

Chris Christie beat Steve lonegan for the Republican nomination and will face Corzine in the general election this fall.

Corzine kicked off his re-election campaign ( with a visit from VP Joe Biden ) last night at the Richard J. Codey Arena in West Orange. Volunteers were already on-hand with new Corzine ’09 logo-ed t-shirts. When I asked strategist Brad Lawrence if his firm was already part of the Guv’s re-election bid, he pointed to the logos and said “that is us.”

Couple of other notable developments…State Senator Marcia Karrow lost in her primary bid against Republican Assemblyman Mike Doherty. This happened despite the fact that Karrow won the convention in Hunterdon County and had the party backing behind her.

Some pundits have speculated that robo-calls her campiagn made questioning Doherty’s patriotism was what did her in ( Karrow is the sitting Senator ). But let me posit another theory.

Lonegan came in with 42% of the vote. Considering he got single digits in the last Republican primary in ’05, that is pretty impressive. especially since Christie locked up a ton a of organization support early in the race.

The theory was always that only the firmest believers bother to vote in a Republican primary. If that is true, then maybe that is what hurt Karrow…in other words the Lonegan voters preferred Doherty especially in Hunterdon and Warren counties, solidly Republican territory.

Karrow then held a contentious live interview on NJN with Reporter Kent St. John.

Don Crisitello lost in the Morristown Mayoral Democratic primary. Cresitello had run for Senate last year. He established himself nationally when he applied for federal powers to deputize his police officers so that they could expel undocumented immigrants. I guess that stance didn’t go over so well in a Democratic primary.

And finally, Edison Mayor Jun Choi lost the primary. Choi was hailed the future of the city of Edison when he won four years ago. His Asian ethnicity had represented the growing poluation there. There are very few Asian American representaives in NJ Government ( at any level ). Choi is still mayor btw…he just lost the primary.

Very interesting night.

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