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Do you remember those adds for Jurrassic Park, the 1995 film? It billed the upcoming CGI dinosaur epic as ‘265 Million Years In The Making.’

Well, one could fairly claim that the rail link to The Meadowlands was at least 30 years in the making. The Original Giants stadium was built onsite in 1976. Plans for a link were on the table then…but of course, it didn’t happen until yesterday.

But I don’t want to get too carried away with cynism and bury the lead which is actually very important news. Starting july 26, train service will be availble into the The Meadowlands Sports Complex, dropping passengers off in front of the new football stadium for the Jets and Giants scheduled to open in 2010.

Anyhoo…the train will come from points such as Hoboken and NYC, stop at the ( Until now not very functional ) Lautenberg station at Secaucus Junction and continue on to the final stop. For now it will only run to events larger than 50,000 people. But that can increase as demand does. For example the fate of the Xanadu ( or xana-don’t as some critics have called it ) remains uncertain. But if that ever opens trains would become more frequent. they can carry 10-12,000 passengers each hour.

But lemme go back to the criticism again for just a moment. If this had been done earlier it probably would have helped spur other development in the surrounding area. Many projects have failed. And one of the criticisms of the sports complex is that it is a bit isolated – only reachable by car or bus. Well, now that has changed.

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