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With the disclosure that Chris Christie gave a $46,000 loan to Michele Brown an AUSA in 2007, we also learned that she lives right near him. Her home is 1.7 miles away from Christie’s, according to an NJN photographer who we sent to shoot the Mendham property.

Well, here is another interesting tidbit…according to campaign finance records, Kevin Kilcullen lives directly across the street from Christie. Kilcullen is the namesake of the law firm “Stern & Kilcullen” which secured a federal monitoring contract for the deferred prosecution agreement between UMDNJ and the US Attorney’s office. Democrats have called this a “no-bid” contract that Christie awarded to the firm of Herbert Stern whom Christie has described as a mentor and friend.

In fairness, contracts like that aren’t sent out to bid. Choosing the firm is left to the discretion of the US Attorney’s office. But the fact is that Christie did indeed send the millions of dollars in legal work to the firm of his mentor, and apparently the guy who lives across the street.

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