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Alright, here is what we know…

According to a document obtained exclusively by NJN News, Chris Christie took out a $46,000 mortgage for Michele Brown in October 2007.

Brown was then the number four person in the U.S. Attorney’s Office under Christie. That means he was her boss. Today she is the number two person in that office.

Last week Christie was on vacation down the shore with his family, so this week he is back on the campaign trail. We asked him about this loan, and he confirmed it. He says there was nothing unusual about it.

Brown came to Christie because she needed money after her second husband lost his job. She is still making monthly payments to Christie and his wife of $499.22, and is expected to keep doing so through the length of the mortgage which extends through 2017. Christie also denies that there is anything inappropriate or unethical with the number two person in the U.S. Attorney’s office literally owing him ( in this case, money ).

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Well, if it was leaked…he didn’t leak it to me.

lemme set the scene here: It’s the height of the 2006 New Jersey Senate campaign. It is suddenly reported in the press from an anonymous source that Democrat Bob Menendez is under federal criminal investigation. Menendez claims no knowledge of this at the time and goes on to win the Senate seat, beating Tom Kean.

It’s been three years, and no charges have been filed against Menendez. Was he under investigation at all? Hard to say. And who could have leaked that? Well, it was the U.S. Attorney’s office that was doing the investigating. And the office was under the command of one Chris Christie ( who we all now know is running for Governor ). Yes, I know you’ve been paying attention.

Fast forward to the present. This week public testimony by Karl Rove was made public in which Rove claimed to have spoken to Christie about running for Governor when he was in the White House and Christie was U.S. Attorney. The Corzine camp claims that is a violation of the federal Hatch Act which prohibits political activity while serving as U.S. Attorney ( among other things ).

Congress is currently investigating the U.S. Attorney firings scandal. In the lead-up to the 2006 mid-term elections, a handful of U.S. Attorneys were fired by then President Bush allegedly because they refused to use their offices to help the GOP win big in those mid-terms.

Christie held his job. And critics contend that the reason is because he played ball by strategically leaking the news about Menendez. Once again, there is no proof here…but Kean proceeded to say it over and over again on the trail.

Are all of these events related? It’s hard to say. But the Corzine campaign’s basic contention is that the whole things stinks. And back in 2006, Christie himself opted to answer reporters questions about the U.S. Attorney firings…because there were some questions about his relationship with the Bush Administration.

Christie is away from the trail this week, but his campaign hit back saying Corzine is playing insider baseball which only distracts from the issues.

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